Online Bingo Tournaments are now available to play at Loadsa Bingo. Check out the details of the tournament games on offer here!
Online Bingo Tournaments are now available to play at Loadsa Bingo. Check out the details of the tournament games on offer here!

Online Bingo Tournaments

Online Bingo Tournaments - Loadsa Bingo

Online Bingo Tournaments are a hugely popular feature of gameplay at Loadsa Bingo. We have run a few bingo tournaments, noted their popularity, and created two bingo tournaments for Loadsa Bingo players to take part in regularly.

What Kind of Bingo Tournaments Can I Play

We have run a variety of bingo tournaments and have noted that the Ticket Bingo Tournaments are by a large margin the most played. Due to this we chose to start up two new tournaments. The details of which are as follows:

Weekend Bingo Tournament

Starting on a Friday night, this tournament runs until Sunday. From 7 PM on a Friday until 9:10 PM, Loadsa Bingo players get a chance to take part in the satellite bingo games to win tickets to the nightly Tournament Final game. If 7 PM is too early to start on a Friday, players can Pre-Buy tickets to the games.

There are two final games each evening between Friday & Sunday. The total prize value each day is £250, meaning for the weekend it’s £750. Bingo tickets cost 5 pence, so there is some great value to be had in this tournament.

Prizes for the Weekend Bingo Tournament

Prizes of the satellite Bingo Tournament game include free tickets to the final game and free spins. Details are as follows:

1L: 15 Tickets + 10 FS
2L: 25 Tickets + 20 FS
FH: 50 Tickets + 30 FS
1TG: 10 Tickets
2TG: 5 Tickets

Weekend Bingo Tournament Final Game Prizes

So you’ve made it to the final game of the tournament. That’s fantastic. This is what we have for you in terms of prizes every single day of the weekend. That would be twice each day of the weekend, to be more accurate.

1L: £20 in Real Funds
2L: £30 in Real Funds
FH: £75 in Real Funds

Find the Weekend Bingo Tournament in a Tab in the Bingo Lobby called Weekend Bingo Tournament.

Royal Room Kickstarter Bingo Tournament

The Royal Room is our exclusive bingo room, and the Kickstarter Bingo Tournament is exclusive to our players. The format of this 90 ball bingo tournament is again a Ticket based game. This online bingo game takes place each Monday from 8 PM, with several games taking place to see who gets tickets to the final game.

The Kickstarter Final takes place at 10 PM every Monday evening. The prizes on offer are as follows:

  • FH: 50 Tickets + 30 FS
  • 2L: 25 Tickets + 20 FS
  • 1L: 15 Tickets + 10 FS
  • 1TG: 10 Tickets
  • 2TG: 5 Tickets

The first Kickstarter room opens between 8pm and 8.54pm on Mondays. You can pre-buy bingo tickets for 2 pence throughout the week.

Once tickets have been acquired for the ‘Kickstarter’, you have the chance to win a share of the £200 prize pool if you make it to the final.

  • FH: £100 in Real Funds
  • 2L: £75 in Real Funds
  • 1L: £25 in Real Funds

The Kickstarter Bingo Tournament can be located in the Royal Room.

What to Know About Online Bingo Tournaments

Loadsa Bingo Tournaments always have Terms and Conditions associated with them. We list these on the Promotions page for the individual bingo tournaments. Please ensure that you read them. We are a UK Licensed Bingo operators. That means our Bingo Tournaments are sanctioned by the UKGC and you can play any of our tournament games in safety.

Bingo Tournaments are huge fun. The purchase price of tickets to take part are normally very low. The prizes in comparison are many times the multiple of a ticket prize. We have ensured that we have made Bingo Tournaments as accessible as possible. One of the ways we have done this by allowing Pre Buying of tickets to the Tournaments.

In the early days of Online Bingo there was griping about players that were not there whilst the bingo tournament took place but still won a prize. We would encourage being in place for a tournament as the chat and atmosphere of a tournament are second to none.

We have implemented a maximum ticket limit per game of 96 bingo tickets. That way every one gets a fair crack at winning some of the prizes in the final bingo game. We hope you enjoy our Bingo Tournaments, if you have any feedback for us on what you would like to see moving forward, please contact us.

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